Can you afford the downtime?
From the single home computer to the multi-user server environments, we have the AntiVirus solution to meet your needs.

Norton AntiVirus 2005

Norton AntiVirus Corporate 10.0

Corporate Workstation / Server AntiVirus

Downtime costs your company money. A virus could cost you data! Data loss is the biggest concern when dealing with a virus. Some viruses are simply an annoyance, others can damage or even delete your data. Along with a solid virus protection plan, you need to ensure your data is secure via backups. The best plan when dealing with a future virus is to plan on stopping it before it can infect your computer, network and servers. We suggest Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition.
Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive antivirus solution that delivers multi-tiered, enterprise-strength protection for the Internet and email gateway, network servers, and workstations. Because it incorporates industry-leading technologies and support for protecting every network tier, it eliminates the complexity of trying to build an effective security solution from a multi-vendor patchwork of products.

Through the Symantec System Center - central management console, IT managers can easily deploy antivirus solutions and then create, enforce, and update policies to keep network servers and workstations properly configured at all times - enterprise wide and across multiple platforms. The suite's gateway products provide high-performance, scalable protection to stop virus threats before they enter the network.

Home Computer AntiVirus

The cost to have a virus removed from your computer can be completely avoided by simply installing Norton AntiVirus 2005. NAV 2005 has a built in Live Update feature that will keep your machine up to date for the next 12 months with the latest virus definitions.
Instant Messaging Scanning: Scanning for virus infections and automatic removal in Instant Messaging systems.
Worm Blocking: Detecting and blocking worms in outgoing email to prevent them from sending themselves out and spreading through email address books.
Automatic removal of Trojans and worms: Worms and Trojan horses are malicious programs that should be deleted. Norton AntiVirus 2005 will automatically delete Worms and Trojan horses without interrupting user’s work.
Key Features:
 •  Removes viruses automatically
 •  Automatic updating defends against new viruses
 •  Secures and recovers important files
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