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Custom Design Computer featuring the Intel® Celeron™ Processor

Workstation designed for home users, office staff and internet access.

Standard specification includes:
Deluxe Apex 250 Watt Micro-Tower ATX Case
Intel® Celeron™  Processor  2.0 GHz 
Intel® Desktop Board D845GVSRL
Kingston®  256 MB Memory (DDRAM) - 333 MHz BUS 
3.5" Floppy Drive - 1.44 Meg
40 GB Western Digital®  ATA/100 7200 RPM Hard Drive
52X CD-Rom Drive
Intel® Extreme Graphics w/48 MB Dynamic Memory (on-board)
Intel® 10/100 Network Card (on-board)
Realtec Stereo Sound Controller (on-board)
Creative® Multi-Media Speakers (Picture)
Microsoft® Wheel Mouse Optical
Microsoft® Multi-Media Keyboard
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition (Information)


Base Price: $ 569.00

Warranty Information: Motherboard, video card, sound card and network card - 3 years. Kingston® Memory - Lifetime. All other parts carry a 1 year warranty.

Upgrade the Processor?

Add a Monitor?

Upgrade the RAM?

Upgrade the Hard Drive?

Add a CD-Rom Burner?

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Upgrade the Sound Card?

Upgrade the Multi-Media Speakers?

Upgrade the Video Card?
Change the Operating System?

Case Upgrades:

Add a Modem:

Black Mid-Tower w/300 Watts (info) 3Com/USR 56k PCI WinModem (info)
Note: Pricing upgrades includes upgrading the CD-ROM and the Floppy Drive to Black 56k PCI D/F/V WinModem (info)

Add a UPS:

Input Upgrades:

APC BackUPS ES 350 (info)
Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (info) APC BackUPS ES 500 (info)
Microsoft Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (info)    

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Add / Upgrade Software:

Microsoft® Office XP Pro - OEM (info)

Microsoft® Office XP Small Bus - OEM (info)
Norton Anti-Virus 2005 (info)

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